BEYOND BELIEF.. An unbelievable story

Today started as a  normal  day me my family got up at seven and everyone took a bath one by one and then we had our breakfast  then I went to my school, everyone  in my class were very  happy because  our summer  vacations were starting  from today onwards , we celebrated the last day  in lunch break with our lunch food..then when I went back to home and started eating  my lunch and then did  my study after that I went for cycling  while I was cycling  I saw a dog near the tree it was not a normal looking  dog but had blue eyes and a white fur also was having a box in his hand i wanted to see what’s  inside the box so I quickly  got up from my cycle and opened  the box then saw a………… *MAP* inside it i quickly  took  the map and ran from my cycle before someone see me..I thought that it must be a map for a treasure or something .. I then rapidly went and called my friends and asked them to help  me in finding ..

Also I asked my parents  that can I go and they agreed I was very happy  and excited On the next morning my mom packed my lunch .. and me my friends  started walking towards our destination….1 hr passed…

We were tired wanted to take a break then we sat on the ground  only and grabbed a big piece of our sandwiches  which our mom gave .. also we took a small nap ..  Again started  walking..

Then suddenly  I saw Sophia and also the dog I saw yesterday  coming  to the way we were we quickly  ran towards Sophia and I without thinking  asked ” hello  sophia how come you are here and this dog “before  I complete my sentence sophia said ” yes I was finding  you all only know what I know that you are going to find the thing the map is showing  you know what that the map you all are having is a false yesterday  was a April  fool if you all remember  and I made you a fool by giving you this false  map initially  by my this pet dog Tom “

For a moment  there was a silence  then James spoke in an instant ” *Whattttt* *!!!!* ” he yelled .. Margaret  softly said ” James  no need to shout but still if we are here then at least we’ll  see  might be we find something  know” yeah Margaret  is right ” I included  Jack said ” if you want sophia  you can join us ” then sophia said ” okay and sorry and thanks  ” No Problem  sophia we all said together..

Again started walking but near to our destination  …

And we were at our location  know what we saw a very big rectangular  shaped box we tried to open it and when it got opened there was bones of a human *”what* is this ” !!!!

*A* *DEAD* *BODY* we all shouted then we were startled and ran from there very very fast you can’t imagine.. our body was shaking  extremely hard .. The next day I got up brushed my teeth and switched  on television  put on the news channel  and got to see the place we went  yesterday even me and my  friends  faces were there on the screen the media was out my home .. I got famous  I can’t believe  it, it was beyond my belief unbelievable … we made a big discovery  the news was showing that for so many years investigators were finding this kind of discovery  and we are upto it … my parents , teachers , everyone  were proud of me and my friends..and we all thanked sophia for making  the map without her nothing would have done..The story  is over but still its *beyond* *my* *belife*  

*I* *cant* *belive*…..


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