The Old Man

Martha and Kathryn had been hiking all day in the woods. Now they were miles from nowhere. The sun was starting to set, and Martha suggested that they head back. Kathryn agreed that it was a good idea. The girls looked around for some trail markers. They couldn’t find any. “Oh, no!” said Martha, “We’re lost! And we don’t even have a flashlight!”

Martha and Kathryn started to run wherever they thought their markers should have been marked, but their efforts were in vain. If they didn’t find home quickly, they would have to camp out in the open for the night in the middle of the wild! It would be really scary and dangerous.

Suddenly, fog started to obstruct the view of their surroundings. It was getting thicker and thicker and it was becoming much more difficult to maneuver through the fog. They started tripping over tree roots and sometimes even crashed into trees. Martha became so angry that she started to curse the fog. Kathryn began to get worried. She had never camped in the wild before and that to without a sleeping bag.

As they continued to blindly walk through the forest, they eventually reached an old abandoned house. The house looked terrifying. It was humongous. It could be seen from afar even through the fog. Kathryn swore that she didn’t see that house while they were trekking through the forest. It was as if it had emerged out of thin air.

The two girls decided to stay for the night in the abandoned house. They pushed open the creaking door. The house was very poorly built. There were holes in the walls and the ceiling. The windows were broken and the floor had cracks in them. Kathryn didn’t want to stay in the house now. She preferred the forest. The house was creepier than the forest, but Martha had no problem until they heard something fall.

Kathryn freaked out, but Martha was tough. She said that it would probably be a monkey or a wild cat. Both of them went to investigate. They walked near the room they believed the voice was coming from. Martha went into the room first and was shocked by the sight. There in the room stood a tall hairy figure with pale skin and long hair that covered the face of the figure. Martha screamed and both Kathryn and Martha ran out of the room, however the figure continued to follow them and eventually caught them. The figure brushed aside its hair and two friendly looking eyes emerged from behind the bushy hair.

The figure was actually a person! They breathed a huge sigh of relief. The man told them that he lived in the house as he had no place to live. They started to talk to each other and instantly got along with each other. They asked the man for help and he guided them out of the forest. In gratitude they allowed the man to stay with them for the night and even gave him some food.


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